Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hot Off the Press!

Today we were contacted by the good folks at Fido Friendly Magazine. They will be including Sparkles' story in an upcoming issue. Needless to say, we are really very excited (cover to the right is the current issue)!
Just to give you an idea of the excitement of it all, on the Fido Friendly Magazine website, Hal Abrams from Animal Radio (America's most-listened-to pet show) said of the publication, "Let me just say that I read a lot of publications- you have the to if you're in the biz.... yours [Fido Friendly Magazine] is hands' down the best animal publication out there."
Thank you so much for the good folks at Fido Friendly Magazine for helping spread Sparkles' story of her love for helping share fire safety!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thank you to Beth the Dog Lady at Doggies.com!

I am so excited! Today mom got a note from the "Beth the Dog Lady" from Doggies.com. I will be on her blog January 7th! Thank you so much to Beth and Doggies.com. This is exciting!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

New Activity Sheet

Here's the latest fire safety activity sheet. Click on the picture below and print out your own copy of the activity sheet. Have fun!

Attention kids, parents, teachers and fire departments. Have you checked out Sparkles the Fire Safety Dogs' fun fire safety activity and coloring pages? Check them out! We're adding new ones all of the time! Just click on the picture of Sparkles to see more!

Please feel free to add this button to help spread the fire safety message. Together, we can help keep children and their caregivers fire safe!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sparkles and her Tulsa World Newspaper

Hi boys and girls!

The mailman brought my very own copy of the Tulsa World newspaper today and I was so excited to read the article about my visit to Celia Clinton Elementary School.

Thank you to my new friend Sara for the great article! To read Sara's article, click HERE.

Remember to practice fire safety everyday!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pictures from Celia Clinton Presentation

Hi boys and girls!

I had SO MUCH fun at Celia Clinton and couldn't wait to share the pictures that I got today!


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPrincipal Tanya Davis and Sparkles

Book Reviews From Brenda, Robin and Dioselina

Today Sparkles received some book reviews and she'd like to thank Brenda, Robin and Dioselina for sending them in!

"I like the book a lot. It showed me a lot of stuff . Like if I was in a real fire and a smoke alarm would make noise like beep beep beep and would tell you fire fire fire a fire becuse my smoke alarm does that too. well got to run bye bye. "

Brenda, Age 10
Celia Clinton Elementary

Hi Brenda! Thank you so much for your really nice book review! I am so excited that you liked the book and learned what to do in case of fire. When you hear the sound of your smoke alarm, remember to crawl out of bed and get out of the house as fast as you can, crawling low. I hope that you and your family made an escape map and have a meeting place. A meeting place can be a tree, a mailbox or even a fence. Keep safe and remember to practice fire safety everyday!

Love, Sparkles
"Dear Sparkles,

I learned a lot from you. How you would crawl down like that its a safer way to get away from a fire. And it was great that you made a book. And it was very smart to tell us not to touch a door with the palm of our hand. "

Robin, age 9
Celia Clinton Elementary

Hi Robin! You really remembered your fire safety! Great job! You are right when you said that you shouldn't touch the door with the palm of your hand. Touch it with the back of your hand. If the door is not hot, you can go through it crawling low (remember to get out as fast as you can!) and if the door is hot, you can go out the window. Remember how important it is to practice your plan with your family so that you will know what to do if there is an fire. Thanks again for the great book review! You rock! Love, Sparkles
"I like the book of sparkles the fire safety dog. That was a good book for the little kids. I like how you went to school and teach the children about fire safety. I like how you crawl down and show the kids. I like how you was and that little bed it was a cute bed. That was a cute story. I like that book because you went to teach just like a teacher. I like the book so much. To a cute dog name sparkles the super teacher. He is a sweet dog and a smart dog. He is a super dog. He is a smart teacher he is a cool dog and a sweet dog. He is a safety dog and taking good care of his friend and people. He is a good friend for me. I like sparkles for a sweet daycare dog for the whole town because he is a super dog."

Dioselina, age 10
Celia Clinton Elementary

Hi Dioselina!
Wow, you really made my day. Sparkles loves being a fire safety dog and helping keep people safe. It was really nice of you to say all of the very sweet things about her. Thank you so much for your note and remember to practice fire safety everyday! Love, Firefighter Dayna and Sparkles

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Book Reviews from Ron, Kayla, Patricia, Alan, Aaron and Rebeca

Hi Boys and Girls!

Today I received five book reviews from Ron, Kayla, Patricia, Alan and Aaron! Wow! That is a record! Thank you to everyone at Celia Clinton for sending them in. Keep them coming!


Here are the book reviews that I received today:

"Thank you for coming to our school to teach us fire saftey skills. I wish that you can come back to our school again to teach us fire safety skills. The book [Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog] that you gave me , I learned to crawl on my knees when there is a fire in the house and you always have a meeting place by the mailbox or by a the fence."

Ron, age 9
Celia Clinton Elementary

Thank you Ron for your great review! It sounds like you really learned alot and that you sure know your fire safety. Keep it up and great job! Love, Sparkles

"Thank you four coming to our school. wish that my dog can do what you can do. That is just amazing my dogs are to wild to do that. I learned from the book [Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog] is that having a fire alarm is important. Dayna I think that sparkles is glad to have you as a mom and I like your book very much so thank you. "

Kayla, age 9
Celia Clinton Elementary

Hi Kayla! Your note really made me happy! I love being Sparkles mom and it makes me happy that you noticed how much she loves helping me teach fire safety. It's her favorite thing to do! You are correct, having a smoke alarm is really important and helps keep you and your family safe. Remember to test it once a month and change your batteries twice a year : )
Love, Firefighter Dayna P.S. Sparkles says for me to tell you way to !

"Sparkles the part I like of your book [Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog] is were you teach the people about fire safety. The thing I learned is that you stop drop and roll. I appreciate you teaching us how to be firesafe. Keep teaching people fire safety Sparkles."

Patricia, age 9
Celia Clinton Elementary

Hi Patricia! Thank you so much for your note! I am so glad that you not only learned alot about fire safety, but that you mentioned that you appreciate it. That was so nice! Since you learned so much, maybe you can help me spread the fire safety message with your friends and family. That would be so awesome! Love, Sparkles

"I learned that whenever theres a fire you should touch the door with your hand backwards. Whenever you see smoke , always crawl on the ground. When youre on fire stop,drop and roll. I also learned to find a meeting place. For me the best place for a meeting place is a tree.'

Alan, age 10
Celia Clinton Elementary

Hi Alan! Sounds like you really learned alot while I was at your school. That is so exciting! You are right, if your smoke alarm goes off, crawl to the door and feel with the back of your hand if it is hot or not. If it is not hot, open it carefully and crawl low getting out as fast as you can. If the door is hot, remember to go out your window : ) I am soooo excited that you found a meeting place! That REALLY makes my day! You're awesome! Love, Sparkles

"Sparkles I like becaues sparkles help kids have fire safety. Sparkles the safety dog is a
great book my mom and dad love it. I love that sparkles can do things and fire safety. I
did know that people can do more in fire safedy."

Aaron, Age 10
Celia Clinton Elementary

Hi Aaron! I am so happy that you wrote me a book review and I am really happy that your mom and dad and you love my book. That makes my tail wag so fast! I love helping Firefighter Dayna teach fire safety. You can help me too by telling your friends and family to practice fire safety everyday! Thank you so much for your note! Love, Sparkles
"I liked the picture when Sparkles was crawling low to demonstrate to us how to crawl low. And I learned that not to touch a doorknob when your house is on fire because you can burn your hand. Also I liked the picture when Sparkles was in the bed LOL!!! I wanted to ask a question do fire safety dogs go to fires or is it to dangerous for them to go? Well thank you for reading my note hope I here from you guys!!!"

Rebeca, age 9
Celia Clinton Elementary

Hi Rebeca!
Thank you so much for writing a book review! The picture of Sparkles crawling low is one of my favorite pictures too! She loves showing how to get low and go, get out and go to a meeting place! Remember, if your smoke alarm goes off, crawl to the door on your hands and knees and feel the door with the back of your hand if it is hot or not (and you remembered how important it was to use the back of your hand~ you really know your fire safety! That's awesome!). I'm so glad that you remembered that if the door is not hot to open it carefully and crawl low getting out as fast as you can. And remember, if the door is hot, go out your window. You make an awesome Jr. Firefighter!
Love, Firefighter Dayna and Sparkles

Monday, December 1, 2008

Book Review from Nisea, Age 9

"Thank you for coming to my school and telling us about your beautiful dog sparkles my mom loved her nails. I liked the book [Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog] because it taught me what I have to do if there was a real fire. Oh, and to change my batteries in my smoke alarm. Your book taught me a lot of things. I enjoyed you coming, thanks."

Nisea, 9

Celia Clinton Elementary School

Thank you for your book review, Nisea! I emailed you a special surprise for sending me a review!

Love, Sparkles