Monday, August 29, 2011

Tango the Fire Safety Dog Attends BlogPaws 2011

Hi everyone! This is Tango the Fire Safety Dog. I had an amazing time at
BlogPaws 2011 in Washington, DC!

Here I am checking in:

I met many of my wonderful Facebook friends, and I made new friends!

Carrie Boyko, All Things Dog Blog

New friends!

Toni Eberhardt, PetSmart

Carol Bryant, FIDO Friendly Magazine


One of my favorite things to do was to make a presentation with Toni
Eberhardt from PetSmart and Travelin' Jack and his human, Jill, during our "Leveraging Niche Blogging for Success" panel discussion. It was so much fun!

Me and my friend, Travelin' Jack

Here is a video from Travelin' Jack and my big entrance! You can watch it HERE. To watch my intro video to the presentation, go HERE. I had so much fun making it!

I was also very excited to go the the screening of Disney's "Spooky Buddies." It was a great movie and will be coming out soon! I even got to meet the Director. How pawsome!

If you would like to see a copy of the powerpoint of our presentation, click HERE.

See more pictures and videos on my Facebook page.

Until next time, stay safe!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Be Prepared and Stay Safe!

Morning from the fire safety dogs! We wanted share some resources from one of their favorite sites on the web for preparedness for disasters,'s earthquake site includes what to do before, during and after an earthquake. Visit the page HERE.

Another page that we recommend on the site is their hurricane preparedness webpage. The site has all the information you could possibly need or want. To go to their hurricane page, click HERE.

They even have a kids page! Click HERE!

The fire safety dogs and I are at BlogPaws. We have practiced our earthquake drills and are preparing for the hurricane, should it arrive while we are here. We want to be safe!

The picture below is of our new friend, Ecco. We love your picture, Ecco! You can find Ecco on his Facebook page HERE.

Speaking of the fire safety dogs, here are their Facebook pages:

Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog

Siren the Fire Safety Dog

Tango the Fire Safety Dog

Stay safe everyone!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tango the Fire Safety Dog makes Fire Safety Presentation and Meets Richard Karn

Tango the Fire Safety Dog and Firefighter Dayna made two fire safety presentations during the North Canton Main Street Festival at the North Canton Fire Department (OH).

After making presentations to two large crowds at the event, the two met Richard Karn ("Al" from Home Improvement).

Thanks to EdenPURE for the opportunity to help share the fire safety message and for sponsoring the event and to Chief John Bacon and the firefighters of the North Canton Fire Department.

To see more pictures from the event, click HERE.

If unable to view the video above, click HERE.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sparkles' Safety Spot~ Episode 10

Hard to believe that tonight's live stream of
Sparkles' Safety Spot was our 10th episode! We'd like to thank our sponsors, First Alert, Firehouse Dog Publishing and the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation for sponsoring tonight's episode.

Tonight Tango and I shared with the children the difference between toys and tools. Toys are okay for children to play with and tools are for grown-ups. Children should never ever touch tools.

Tango had a great time this evening and tried several times to get in my lap. Silly dog!

To watch tonight's episode, click HERE.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Video for BlogPaws 2011!

Tango the Fire Safety Dog is so excited to be going to BlogPaws to help with a presentation with Travelin' Jack and Toni from PetSmart! Here is a video that Tango helped make for his intro. Enjoy!

Click HERE to get your free downloadable BlogPaws coloring page of the fire safety dogs!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Coloring Page!

The Tango the Fire Safety Dog is so excited to be going to BlogPaws 2011!

We are feeling very honored to be doing a panel session with Travelin' Jack and his human, Jill and Toni Eberhardt, Senior Manager, Public Relations and Social Media, from PetSmart.

Travelin' Jack

To celebrate, the fire safety dogs have released a brand new coloring page! Thank you to our good friend, Eileen, for the wonderful drawing, and to our good friends at First Alert for sponsoring the coloring page! Not only will we have this free downloadable coloring page online, but we will also be passing out free copies at BlogPaws! How cool is that?

Click on the picture below to get the link to get your very own coloring page!

Attention kids, parents, teachers and fire departments. Have you checked out Sparkles the Fire Safety Dogs' fun fire safety activity and coloring pages? Check them out! We're adding new ones all of the time! Just click on the picture of Sparkles to see more!

Webmasters and bloggers: Please feel free to add this button to help spread the fire safety message. Together, we can help keep children and their caregivers fire safe!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review~ Muttluks Dog Booties from PetSmart

We were really excited when
PetSmart sent us a set of Muttluks Dog Booties to review. We LOVE THEM because they help keep us safe and help keep our paws from getting too hot on the pavement.

Last week, Siren and I had our paws measured so that we would get the right size, and you know what? They fit perfectly!

When the all-weather booties arrived, they were very easy to put on and they didn't slip, thanks to the self-tightening straps. And, BONUS! The straps are reflective too! The soles are very soft and made out of real leather.

Here I am modeling the Muttluks just after Firefighter Dayna put them on. I didn't even know that I had them on! They were so comfy!

We have had over 100 degree weather in Arkansas over 26 days now, and the booties came in just in time! Siren and I haven't been able to go anywhere because our paws are so delicate, but with the Muttluks Dog Booties, we can go outside now! The Muttluks protect our paws from the hot pavement!

It's really cool that the booties come in their own mesh bag. That makes them easy to wash! You can even tumble dry them! How cool is that?

So hop on over to your local PetSmart and pic up some
Muttlucks booties! You'll be glad that you did and your four-legged friends will thank you!

Find a local PetSmart near you!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sparkles' Safety Spot Streaming Live from National Night Out!

We have a BIG safety show this evening! We will be streaming LIVE from National Night out in Clarksville. Meet members of the Clarksville Police Department, Clarksville Fire Department, Johnson County Dive Team and many, many more special guests! Sponsored by First Alert and the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation.