Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review~ Muttluks Dog Booties from PetSmart

We were really excited when
PetSmart sent us a set of Muttluks Dog Booties to review. We LOVE THEM because they help keep us safe and help keep our paws from getting too hot on the pavement.

Last week, Siren and I had our paws measured so that we would get the right size, and you know what? They fit perfectly!

When the all-weather booties arrived, they were very easy to put on and they didn't slip, thanks to the self-tightening straps. And, BONUS! The straps are reflective too! The soles are very soft and made out of real leather.

Here I am modeling the Muttluks just after Firefighter Dayna put them on. I didn't even know that I had them on! They were so comfy!

We have had over 100 degree weather in Arkansas over 26 days now, and the booties came in just in time! Siren and I haven't been able to go anywhere because our paws are so delicate, but with the Muttluks Dog Booties, we can go outside now! The Muttluks protect our paws from the hot pavement!

It's really cool that the booties come in their own mesh bag. That makes them easy to wash! You can even tumble dry them! How cool is that?

So hop on over to your local PetSmart and pic up some
Muttlucks booties! You'll be glad that you did and your four-legged friends will thank you!

Find a local PetSmart near you!

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